The Most Common Mistakes Done When Tile Regrouting

Tile sealing and regrouting are essential for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of tiles, especially in places such as your bathroom and shower where there is a greater possibility of grout discoloration.

And while some people tend to choose the short cut method of painting over the stained grout to make it look like new again, experts still recommend tile regrouting as it will not only restore the look of your shower but also extend the lifespan of the tiles at the same time.

So if you’re looking for advice on how to properly regrout your shower tiles, then we suggest you to continue reading as we are going to discuss the most common mistakes done when tile regrouting in today’s post.

Let’s begin…


Wrong Timing

By this we mean failing to wait for the grout to set and not being timely in terms of cleaning the grout after grout application.

Waiting for the grout to set in is very crucial since not being able to have enough patience will only lead to a mess. In short, there will be gouges if you wipe the tiles before the grout dries up. On the other hand, waiting longer than the expected time is also highly discouraged since dry grout will be very hard to remove on tiles when you try to wipe it out.

That’s why professionals in tile regrouting recommend that you allow at least 24 hours of drying time (72 hours at the most) to achieve the perfect conditions between grout setting and cleaning.


Uneven Grouting

Not being able to spread the grout evenly in-between the tiles is also a big no-no since this will defeat the purpose of regrouting and ruin the appearance of your tiles also. One thing you have to keep in mind is that grout shrinks. Hence, you have to make sure to pack in the grout completely between the joints and then wipe the excess using a wet towel or sponge.


Improper Mixture Of Grout And Water

bathroom tile grout

This is the most common mistake done when tile regrouting.

Adding more water into the mixture will only make it runny and, as a result, will not set properly into the seam. In the same way, putting less water into the product will result in a powdery grout mixture which makes it ineffective in setting in between the tiles.

So it’s also recommended that you read the instructions first to know the correct ratio in creating a mixture with a paste-like consistency. Giving more attention to this small detail will ensure the grout will set effectively and make the tiles look attractive like the day it was first installed in your shower.


Not Fixing The Grout Damage Immediately

And the last mistake that you need to avoid when tile grouting is not fixing the grout damage immediately.

It is important to have the damage inspected as soon as it occurs to prevent major issues from happening. If not, then the grout damage can result in leaking showers, missing joints, drummy and detached tiles, efflorescence deposits, and heavy dirt deposits.

All in all, these are the things you need to avoid to ensure your tile regrouting project will go as planned.

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