5 Things To Consider Before Constructing A Shipping Container Home

Cargo container construction is a growing trend in sustainable design. In fact, you can find these seemingly unassuming structures anywhere now – from schools, sheds, camping grounds, and even in some residential areas in the country.

And if you’re planning to use a shipping container for home building, you have to keep in mind that this project is more than just stacking or placing them one by one. In short, you have to carefully plan out everything from the research to budgeting to the overall design of your home project.

So we advise you to continue reading as we will tackle some of the important things you need to consider before constructing a shipping container home in today’s post.

Let’s get started…

Always Conduct A Thorough Inspection Before Buying The Shipping Container(s)

Shipping containers are previously subjected to tough conditions as they go back and forth in oceans. So as a piece of advice, we recommend that you check the container for any signs of dents, rust, and structural issues before buying them for your sustainable home project.

Don’t hesitate to ask the seller to provide detailed pictures or better yet, do an actual visit to see the current conditions of the cargo container you are planning to buy.

Be Aware Of The Building Code Restrictions In Your Area

Next, you also have to be mindful of the building code restrictions in your city. Make sure to understand these codes first before investing in a container home to avoid wasting money. Otherwise, you might end up changing your design, which will require you to spend more than what is expected.

Hire A Contractor That Specializes In Shipping Container Homes

Make sure to find a contractor who can build, modify, and even take care of the interior work of your container home project according to your specifications. Hiring 1 contractor is recommended since this can save you some money. But if in case you are not able to find a contractor who can do all of these things, then your next best option is to hire multiple contractors who can take care of these individual aspects to the overall design of your container home.

Think About Insulation

Since a cargo container is made entirely of steel, the inside will be scorching hot during summertime and icy cold during the winter without insulation. So see to it that you include insulation in your planning before starting your project.

Ask your contractor about which type of insulation is best suited for cargo container homes such as sheep wool, foam insulation, blanket-style insulation, green roof, and etc. to help you decide on this matter.

Minimize Welding As Much As Possible

And the last tip that you need to consider before building your shipping container home is to minimize weld works as much as possible.

Without a doubt, working with steel shipping containers involves some kind of welding. But if possible, lessen the amount of weld to be done during your design phase. So we recommend that you skip welding in unnecessary places as this construction process can add up to your expenses and time on the building phase.

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