When Do You Need Asphalt Overlays

Even though a properly paved parking lot can last 20 years or more, they need to be repaired or replaced at some point. And the mode of repair to be made depends on the owner’s preference and the type of damage involved.

More often, an asphalt overlay is widely considered as the best choice for pavement repairs as it can fix minimal to moderate damages and helps the business to avoid replacing the entire pavement, which can be very expensive. In fact, this repair method makes up most of the roadway paving work being done today.

But when do you need asphalt overlays? And when will it be considered as the best option for addressing surface damages on your parking lot?

If you want more information on this subject, we suggest you continue reading as we’ll tackle this topic in today’s entry.


What’s An Asphalt Overlay Repair?

A basic asphalt overlay is a method of repair in which a new asphalt layer is spread over a road or parking lot to cover small cracks and other imperfections. The thickness of the asphalt being laid over the old asphalt is between 1.5” – 2” thick. And a type of binder called a ‘tack coat’ is spread in-between the old and new asphalt layers to ensure strong bondage and the repair will remain stable for a long time. In addition, placing fabric between the old and new asphalt layers is also done to prevent cracks from expanding and create a water barrier with the substrate.


When Will This Method Of Repair Be The Best Option

If you want to determine if asphalt overlay is the best option for repairing the pavement on your parking area, you have to consider these factors:

Safety – Commercial establishments need their parking areas to be safe to prevent accidents and legal issues from happening. In short, addressing pavement issues like full-depth cracks, potholes, elevation rises, tree root upheavals, and structural damages should be prioritized.

Aesthetics And Functionality – Curb appeal is also essential to attract clients. Likewise, the functionality should also be considered as placing a fresh layer of asphalt revitalizes the whole parking area and make it accessible to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The Extent Of Damage(s) – An asphalt overlay is ideal for resolving issues like minimal cracks, potholes, upheavals, unleveled surfaces, and non-structural damages.

Cost – When the damage is still fixable without resorting to total replacement, a basic overlay is recommended to save the business from expensive replacement costs.


What Are The Benefits Of An Asphalt Overlay?

Having a fresh layer of asphalt on your parking lot keeps the clients and employees satisfied for many years to come. And aside from that, it helps businesses avoid safety and compliance problems due to unresolved damages.

Here are some other benefits of an asphalt overlay repair:

  • Saves businesses from replacement costs.
  • Less disruption in business operations compared to total replacement.
  • Can last up to 20 years (depending on use and maintenance).
  • Makes the parking lot look more appealing.
  • Improves satisfaction levels of customers and employees.
  • Improves business reputation and brand identity.


Final Word

Overall, an asphalt overlay is the most practical choice for repairing/upgrading retail, commercial, and industrial parking lots. And it is the best option to choose to save your business from expensive asphalt replacement.

If you’re looking for a reliable paving contractor in Sacramento, CA that offers asphalt overlays, you can contact Biondi Paving today.

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